Vault Mobile BETA Released Today!

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Hey All!

We’ve been working hard getting Vault Mobi ready for launch, and today we are happy to announce the release of the BETA version!  The feature list is not very extensive, but this is just the beta!  I will go more into detail about what we are cooking up for Vault Mobile in a little bit, but let me start off by listing the features what you can do. (This URL can only be accessed by a mobile phone) . You can view screen shots of the portal below.

BETA Feature List:

  • View currently active Services/Devices.
  • View/Submit tickets.
  • Quickly reboot your VPS Servers.
  • View your servers bandwidth usage

This is just to get a jump start on the framework of Vault Mobile and to let you all give it a try and see how you like it, what we can improve on it etc.

What we WANT to put into it:

  • Power management for dedicated servers
  • Viewing Monthly/Weekly/Daily bandwidth usage
  • Viewing a complete ticket history just like you would in a normal browser
  • Being able to manage your VPS’ by viewing bandwidth & the ability to reload your OS back to when you first got it.
  • Manage your billing and pay invoices/bills
  • View your services and what is associated with each service.

These are just a few features we plan to implement in the next release of Vault Mobile.

Suggestions are welcome :) . Feel free to post comments or email me directly at: cgeiger [at]



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