VPLS Launches New Hong Kong Data Center With PCCW

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VPLS, a leading provider of data center services such as colocation, IP transit, Cloud and Managed Services has launched a new data center in Hong Kong. VPLS’ Hong Kong data center (HKG1) allows us to deliver low latency service to our customers in China and the rest of Southeast Asia. Hong Kong booasts the second largest cable landing stations for all east-west traffic. VPLS’ partnership with PCCW at their Tier IV purpose built, 202,000 square foot facility in Hong Kong allows for large expansion and seamless network connectivity back to mainland China in this carrier neutral facility.

VPLS is currently offering the following services out of HKG1:


  • 16 – 2,000 kVA transformers in 2N design
  • 12 – Diesel Generators in 2+1 resiliency design
  • 14 kPa uniformly distributed load floor rating
  • 2N UPS configuration with 15 minutes of battery backup time
  • On-site diesel tanks support 12 hours at full capacity


  • 24×7 security officers
  • Access control using proximity card readers & biometrics
  • Multiple CCTV cameras (interior and exterior)
  • VESDA / FM200 fire suppression
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Krypt HostingCon China 2015

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There was a great turn out this year at HostingCon China 2015 which took place on May 30th! VPLS’ popular dedicated and cloud server hosting brand Krypt was on display as a first time Silver sponsor. Thank you to all of our customers who attended the event and visitors to our booth. We hope to see you at WHD.China 2015 and again next year at HostingCon China 2016!


IMG_8076 IMG_8077 IMG_8078 IMG_8084 IMG_8096 IMG_8099 IMG_8101

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VPLS Adds Tata Communications

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VPLS added direct connections to Tata Communications this week to bolster demand for traffic in APAC region. Tata Communications operates the world’s largest network with over 240,000 km of fiber. The new connections will help strengthen routes to India, Malaysia, Middle East and Africa.

Tata Network Map

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VPLS Opens Singapore Data Center at Global Switch

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sin1Data center Information

Singapore is a critical location in VPLS’ continued expansion into Southeast Asia because it is the epicenter of technology and a major fiber landing point connecting the East and West. VPLS chose Global Switch’s facility in order to bring us closer to our major private peering partners such as China Telecom. Our Singapore data center offers increased bandwidth capabilities to customers in Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China as well as the entire Southeast Asia region. Singapore is also a great location for backup and disaster recovery services for our customers in Thailand.

SIN1 Data Center Specs

Building Information 240,000 sq ft
DC Description Incoming dedicated mains power supplied via 2 x 22kV supplies
UPS Systems Floor by floor UPS / DRUPS configurations options: N + 1 and N + N. Battery reserve typically 10 minutes back-up time
Generators Power and cooling are supported by 12 x 2MVA diesel generators. On-site diesel tanks (150,000 litres) support 24 hours at full capacity with 2 hour, 24×7 fuel delivery
Security Premises Controllers manage data centre security 24×7, Multiple CCTV cameras (interior and exterior)
Emergency Protection Analogue addressable fire detection system in all areas (smoke and heat) with manual break-glass units

Utility/Back-Up Power & Generator

  • Incoming dedicated mains power supplied via 2 x 22kV supplies
  • Diverse A&B supply, distributed at 415V via busbar system
  • Up to 2MW of power per floor plate
  • Power and cooling are supported by 12 x 2MVA diesel generators
  • On-site diesel tanks (150,000 litres) support 24 hours at full capacity with 2 hour, 24×7 fuel delivery
  • Floor by floor UPS / DRUPS configurations options: N + 1 and N + N. Battery reserve typically 10 minutes back-up time

Security & Protection Features

  • Premises Controllers manage data centre security 24×7
  • Access control using proximity card readers
  • Multiple CCTV cameras (interior and exterior)
  • Barrier controlled vehicle access
  • Secure managed delivery and loading area


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VPLS Utilizes Sunesys Dark Fiber

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VPLS, premier cloud and managed service provider, to utilize Sunesys dark fiber to achieve 100Gbps of network connectivity between two data center locations in Southern California

The cloud and managed hosting services and Internet connectivity that VPLS provides to its customers, require high-bandwidth network solutions like the dark fiber offering we currently have in place.

Warrington, PA (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

Sunesys, LLC, a leading carrier of dark fiber, Ethernet and private wavelength networks, is proud to announce that VPLS, a premier cloud and managed service provider, is using Sunesys dark fiber to achieve 100Gbps of connectivity between two data center locations in Southern California.

In 2013, Sunesys first provided a dark fiber connection to VPLS and has since added two additional strands, which connect VPLS’s LAX9 data center in downtown Los Angeles to their LAX10 data center in El Segundo. “The benefit of going with a dark fiber network is that we’re able to use our own equipment – giving us complete control and the flexibility to increase bandwidth without additional costs. Sunesys was able to provide a cost-effective fiber optic solution to bridge the 40KM distance,” explains Ted Mektrakarn, Chief Executive Officer at VPLS.

Sunesys looks forward to a continued relationship with VPLS. “The cloud and managed hosting services and Internet connectivity that VPLS provides to its customers, require high-bandwidth network solutions like the dark fiber offering we currently have in place,” states Sunesys Senior Vice President Alan Katz. “ In this dynamic marketplace, we continue to see bandwidth hungry carriers surpass the 1G and 10G offerings, shooting straight for 40G and beyond. We are excited to see companies like VPLS pushing this boundary over our network.”

Sunesys, headquartered in Pennsylvania, currently operates over 9,000 fiber route miles in ten states across the country. Sunesys’ entire footprint can be viewed online at http://www.sunesys.com/network-maps/ or by downloading the Sunesys App, available for iPhone and Android devices.

About Sunesys, LLC

Sunesys is a leading provider of premium bandwidth services and private fiber optic networks. We own, operate, and maintain our own high density fiber optic network in major metropolitan areas across the U.S. Sunesys offers a comprehensive suite of tailored, high capacity, facilities-based network services coupled with superior industry expertise, service, and support. Sunesys provides telecommunications services and private fiber optic networks in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, Florida and California.

Sunesys is a subsidiary of Quanta Services, Inc. (NYSE: PWR). Quanta Services safely provides engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for comprehensive infrastructure needs in the electric power and oil and natural gas industries and is the premier provider in the industries it serves.

For more information or to be contacted about Sunesys services, please visit http://www.sunesys.com.

About VPLS Inc.

VPLS Inc, is a worldwide leader in dedicated, cloud and managed services, hosting well over 10,000 servers and 5,000,000 websites. Our hosting brands are ranked in the top 2,000 websites in the world and top 300 in China and South Korea. VPLS’ portfolio of products and services covers all aspects of the Internet such as Cloud and Web Hosting, Virtualization, Networking, Security, Storage, Web Design and Development and much more.

Through our services division, VPLS Solutions, we’re able to combine best in breed technologies from vendors such as Brocade, Palo Alto, Nimble Storage, VMware and Supermicro to power our services and solutions. VPLS’ unique background and history set us apart from other technology solutions providers in that we use what ever we sell. Our engineers have first hand experience on the products they are selling and servicing.

To learn more about VPLS, visit their website at http://www.vpls.com.



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VPLS lights up 100Gbps on Brocade platform!

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VPLS has implemented a new 100Gbps connection between our LAX9 (downtown Los Angeles) and LAX10 (El Segundo) datacenter which is at the 40km maximum distance the optics can run! Check out the speeds our Brocade MLXe delivers! We’ll post more stats as traffic ramps up beyond the 10Gbps mark!

100GigabitEthernet3/1 is up, line protocol is up
STP Root Guard is disabled, STP BPDU Guard is disabled
Hardware is 100GigabitEthernet
Configured speed 100Gbit, actual 100Gbit, configured duplex fdx, actual fdx
30 second input rate: 10052240768 bits/sec, 2028415 packets/sec, 10.37% utilization
30 second output rate: 316344354 bits/sec, 245287 packets/sec, 0.35% utilization
3796547057 packets input, 2155202383283 bytes, 0 no buffer
Received 26 broadcasts, 1229 multicasts, 3796545802 unicasts
0 input errors, 0 CRC, 0 frame, 0 ignored
0 runts, 0 giants
NP received 3796748636 packets, Sent to TM 3796748892 packets
NP Ingress dropped 12 packets
921977221 packets output, 155328275654 bytes, 0 underruns
Transmitted 36 broadcasts, 963 multicasts, 921976222 unicasts
0 output errors, 0 collisions
NP transmitted 922000626

VPLS 100Gbps Optic VPLS 100Gbps Optic

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VPLS Opens Data Center in Bangkok Thailand

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Data center Information

VPLS’s initial expansion into Southeast Asia started in Bangkok, Thailand not only because we have local support staff and offices but we believe the future of technology in and around Southeast Asia will revolve around Thailand as the hub. VPLS selected Thailand’s premier data center and solutions provider CS Loxinfo due to their high quality facility in the heart of Bangkok located in the Cyberworld Towers. Our Bangkok data center has diverse connectivity to major Internet junctions in Thailand and is well connected to provide high speed, low latency domestic connectivity.

Building Information 390 sq meter per suite
DC Description Internet Data Center is split into multiple suites for redundancy and isolation
UPS Systems N+1 UPS per suite
Generators Caterpillar two-megawatt diesel generators
Security 24x7x365 professional security services and support staff
CCTV and Biometric security system
Emergency Protection FM-200 Fire detection and suppression systems

Utility/Back-Up Power & Generator

A unique and intriguing aspect of the Bangkok data center is that all data center space is cut up into smaller suites allowing for redundancy and isolation in the event of an issue with a single suite. All power distribution units are fed by redundant battery powered UPS systems which connect to diesel generators and utility power that is fed on diverse paths dedicated to CS Loxinfo that is not shared with the rest of the building.

Security & Protection Features

As with all of our facilities, security and protection is of the upmost importance to VPLS. Biometric scanners and 24×7 security and support staff monitor the facility and building. All equipment that enters and leaves the facility must be tagged with a serial barcode and checked in and out.

Cyber World Towers








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Krypt Expands East

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VPLS and it’s hosting brands Krypt.com and HiDefServers.com are proud to announce the grand opening of our first East Coast data center located in Ashburn, Virginia. The new Internet Data Center (IDC) dubbed “IAD1” will be home to select server packages for now as well as our Krypt Cloud Servers offering bi-coastal redundancy or geographical coverage for our customers around the world. Krypt and HiDefServers expect to support orders from these data centers by November 4th, 2011!

VPLS’ IAD1 IDC housed at DuPont Fabros ACC5 data center  boasts some impressive statistics such as the following:

  • 36.4MW Critical Load
  • 360,000 sq ft on 17.15 acres of land
  • 350 watts per sq ft specifications
  • 32 Rotary UPS power systems with 1,300 kW of critical output each, N+2 redundancy for each phase
  • 32 diesel-powered engine generators with 2,250 kW capacity each, N+2 redundancy for each phase
  • Four 50,000 gallon underground diesel storage tanks for 55 hours of run time
  • Dual Input 300 kVA PDUs – 600 volt primary
  • Conventional smoke detector and laser based incipient smoke detection systems and double interlockedpre-action sprinkler system
  • Carrier Neutral facility
  • LEED Standard Tier III+ facility
  • SAS 70 Type II certification

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